Tests of a new robotic complex for the missile forces of the Russian Federation begin

From today, complex tests of new models of modern technology, developed to protect the objects of the Strategic Missile Forces (Strategic Missile Forces), are starting: the Typhoon-M anti-sabotage vehicle and the military mobile robotic complex (MRK VN).

The robotic complex MRK VN was developed at the Izhevsk Radio Plant. It is intended for reconnaissance, observation, patrolling on the territory of the Strategic Missile Forces facilities, and, if necessary, for neutralizing enemy sabotage groups. In his arsenal - opto-electronic and radar systems, as well as a combat module with a PKT machine gun (caliber 7, 62 mm). The mounting system installed on the MRK VN makes it possible to equip the complex with various modern types of weapons.

Typhoon-M is a combat vehicle based on the BTR-80, designed for patrolling the facilities of the Strategic Missile Forces. It is equipped with a set of special equipment, which includes an opto-electronic surveillance system with a thermal imager and a radar system, with which it will be possible to detect armored vehicles and people at distances of 6 and 3 km, respectively. A drone with surveillance equipment will help to increase these capabilities. To destroy the sabotage groups on the Typhoon-M, a combat module with a PKT machine gun was installed.