Voronezh engineers have created a waterproof communication complex "Argon-E"

The name of the complex is "Argon-E". Its developers are specialists from the Sozvezdie Voronezh concern under the leadership of Igor Lukin. Having appeared on the sanctions lists, they once again demonstrated the high level of domestic technologies.

"Argon-E" operates in the VHF range. With its help, subscribers traveling on foot or by transport will be able to maintain digital confidential communications, including using city automatic telephone exchanges and the GSM system. The complex includes equipment consisting of 75 different items, which includes various types of radio stations, a repeater and a GSM gateway.

"Argon-E" is not afraid of frosts -30 and +50 ° C. It can be immersed in water for 2 hours at a depth of up to a meter, and even in these extreme conditions, subscribers will be able to maintain a stable connection at a distance of 1000 km. When using a GSM gateway, a global connection is established with any point in the world.

But that's not all. With the help of the complex, it is possible to determine the location of the subscriber, the route of his movement with the display of coordinates on the monitor in real time.

"Argon-E" is reliably protected from interference. A stable connection will be maintained even if the interference exceeds a million times the useful signal strength. In a noise-free environment, the communication range increases by 25%.

It is assumed that the power structures will become the main customers of the unique communications complex.