The T-50 fighter received the Himalayas complex, which deprives the stealth of air targets

We are learning more and more about the Russian T-50 fighter. The latest information concerns the on-board electronic warfare system "Himalayas", which is responsible for noise immunity, survivability and detection of subtle targets.

The developer of the complex is the Concern "Radioelectronic Technologies". Unlike its predecessors, the Himalayas complex is fully integrated into the aircraft body - the fuselage and wings, which in combination with other electronic stuffing gives the right to call its skin “smart”. The T-50 is already being assembled with the elements of the complex built into it.

The promising T-50 front-line aviation complex is the quintessence of the most advanced Russian aviation technologies, which allowed the Sukhoi Design Bureau to create a fifth-generation aircraft with truly unique technical characteristics and weapons, in no small measure thanks to the Himalayas complex.

Currently, tests of the newest fighter are in full swing. The creators of the T-50 have something to be proud of. The integral glider, equipped with a powerful engine and modern avionics, provides the vehicle with high maneuverability, stealth and combat capabilities that meet the requirements of modern warfare.