Harley-Davidson introduced a new model with an electric motor

The perception of vehicles often depends on the sound they produce. If, for example, Mazda greets us with a rhythmic, even, quiet, polite "voice", then Harley-Davidson is a characteristic gurgling roar and rumble, from which the windows tremble.

Not so long ago, Harley-Davidson President Mat Levatich presented an electric version of the world famous bike - LiveWire. A kind of "sex change" was not in vain. Not a trace remained of the former roar and bluish puffs of smoke. Instead, an unusual noise can be heard, vaguely reminiscent of a fighter jet taking off. But the temper remained - 4 seconds and almost 100 km / h.

The novelty is characterized by a futuristic design with high-tech elements, which gave connoisseurs a reason to talk about the birth of a new Harley-Davidson direction - culture. And yet it is too early to talk about a new "electric" stage in the life of a world famous brand. LiveWire is a pilot with unclear prospects.

Until now, the market for electric bikes is measured in thousands of units, which are sold mainly in China and neighboring countries. Little is known about LiveWire so far: it weighs about 210 kg, a 74-horsepower engine capable of overcoming 150 km / h and after 100 km of run it is recharged.