The most powerful rocket in the world "Voevoda" (SS-18 "Satan")

Work on the creation of the R-36M2 strategic missile system began in August 1983. Their main goal is to refine the previous version of the complex - R-36M UTTH. The updated complex, called the "Voevoda" (or the "Satan" missile according to NATO classification), was supposed to have a higher anti-nuclear defense and the ability to overcome a promising American missile defense system. The development of the complex was headed by one of the leaders of the Yuzhnoye design bureau Stanislav Ivanovich Us.

The embodiment of advanced technical solutions

Created by Voevoda V.G. Sergeev, S.I. Us and V.F. Utkin

The development of a unique complex was completed in September 1989. As a result of the colossal efforts of the Soviet military-industrial complex, it was possible to create the world's most powerful missile delivery system for nuclear weapons, which for many years became the "headache" of our potential adversaries.

Thanks to the introduction of the latest scientific achievements, it was possible to increase the accuracy of destruction by almost 1.5 times, to 3 times the duration of an autonomous flight, and to reduce the time of readiness for launch by 2 times. The upgraded Satan missile could "pour out" on the aggressor's head a dozen constantly maneuvering nuclear missile warheads, invulnerable to missile defense, with a total mass of about 9 tons.

Damage Control

Silo launcher hatch

The survivability of the complex, in particular, mine launchers, has significantly increased, which makes it possible to launch even after a nuclear strike. The rocket in flight became practically invulnerable to the damaging effects of a nuclear explosion. This was achieved thanks to the use of a special multifunctional coating and a unique head fairing.

Out of competition

The Voevoda rocket, like all of its predecessors, has a tandem stage arrangement. It is in every respect the most powerful rocket in the world, weighing over 210 tons and over 34 meters long. For comparison, its American counterpart "Minuteman III" is twice as short and almost 7 times lighter.

The performance characteristics of intercontinental ballistic missiles

Another Soviet know-how embodied in the Voevoda rocket is a mortar launch. From the mine, the rocket is launched not with the help of the first stage engines turned on, but due to the operation of the powder pressure accumulators, which literally shoot it from the transport and launch container, after which the engines are started.

However, the biggest problem for our enemies is the improved complex for overcoming missile defense, which includes a whole cloud of false targets that completely imitate warheads in the final phase of the flight. In the event of a war, the "voivode" turns for his enemies into everything destroying "Satan", a nightmare that has come to life, sung in Hollywood blockbusters, from which there is and cannot be salvation.

Safety factor

The Voevoda complex has passed its quarter-century milestone at the zenith of glory and power. He still has no equal and he, as before, at the post. Five years ago, after another successful shooting in the Russian defense department, it was decided to extend its service life for at least the next 23 years.

"Voivoda" is a weapon of retaliation. According to some reports, out of 350 strategic missiles in service today, a fifth of them fall on it. And in 3-4 years a solid reinforcement is expected - the strategic complex of the new generation "Sarmat".