Ten new products of the Russian Army for 2014

One of the visible manifestations of the military reform is the introduction of new types of military equipment into service. The past year for the Russian Army was unusually "fruitful" - its combat arsenal has grown and strengthened significantly.

The unit received the first 30 armored Typhoon trucks based on KAMAZ, reinforced with combined armor based on ceramic plates, which can withstand an explosion of 8 kg of explosives under the bottom.

The Air Force was replenished with 16 SU-34 fighter-bombers of the 4+ generation. It has absorbed all the best from its famous predecessor, the SU-27, while significantly increasing the accuracy of strikes and turning into a delivery vehicle for nuclear weapons.

A formidable replenishment came to the Navy in the "face" of the nuclear submarine "Vladimir Monomakh", armed with missiles "Bulava". With its gigantic size and gigantic combat power, the boat moves almost silently.

Our "White Swan", a strategic bomber Tu-160, got a second wind. It is equipped with new navigation equipment and weapons. One filling is enough for him for 10, 000 km. Over the next 5 years, the ranks of long-range aviation will be replenished with more than 10 updated vehicles.

With the advent of the newest BMD-4M "Bakhcha", the winged infantry significantly increased its offensive power. Its engine is a "team" of 500 "horses", rushing at a speed of 70 km / h. Water barriers are not a problem for her either. "Bakhchu" can be dropped directly with the crew, which none of its foreign competitors can afford.

In the Moscow region, on the Baltic coast, in Nakhodka and in the Southern Military District, 7 new Triumph air defense systems have been deployed. The complex destroys everything that flies now and that will fly in the future, up to 36 targets.

The legendary BM-21 "Grad" in the updated modified version is called "Tornado-G". There has become much more automation, deployment time has decreased, the process of combat work has been simplified, and the firing range has increased by 13 km.

Completing such an impressive list is the "flying troika" of 18 MiG-31BM, 16 launchers of the Yars missile systems and the recently "debuted" heavy missile "Angara".