Solar Impulse 2 prepares for a round-the-world flight

The ambitious European project Solar Impulse 2 to create the world's first manned "solar" aircraft is preparing for its main exam - a round-the-world flight, which starts in March. The Solar Impulse 2 crew is currently performing training flights over Abu Dhabi.

The crew of the aircraft, consisting of André Borschberg and Bertrand Picard, will have to cover a distance of 35, 000 km within five months. The flight starts in Abu Dhabi and then its route will pass over the Arabian Sea, India, Myanmar, China, the Pacific Ocean, the USA, the Atlantic, Southern Europe and North Africa.

It is expected to make 15 stops every five days of continuous flight. The speed of the "sun" is 50-100 km / h, the wingspan is 72 meters. On the fuselage and wings, 17, 000 solar panels are mounted, which power 4 engines. During daylight hours, the batteries are charged and this charge is enough for a night flight.

Comfort in a small cockpit is minimal

The aircraft body is made of carbon fiber. It weighs only 2300 kg, which is comparable to the weight of a car. The flight organizers are confident of success.