Explosion testing dummies to enter the U.S. Army

As you know, when creating various security systems, special dummies are widely used. However, all currently existing models did not fit the US Army for specific explosive tests.

The fact is that automotive military equipment faces completely different, more serious dangers, in particular, mine explosions.

The experience of military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan prompted the American military to create a special dummy. It was WIAMan. Its development was entrusted to Diversified Technical Systems.

The main objective of the project is to study the impact of the consequences of explosions on the human body. For this, the dummy was equipped with biomedical sensors, which make it possible to accurately record the effects of impacts, explosions, high temperatures, fire, toxins, sweating, and even measure the force of the shock wave when hitting an explosive device.

One of the main elements of the dummy is the 6DX sensor, which can be mounted almost anywhere on the dummy, where it can measure and record data wirelessly. The 6DX receives information from three accelerometers and three angle sensors. The instrumentation installed inside the dummy has greatly improved the accuracy of the data.