Mercedes and Lufthansa design luxury interior for airliners

Leading aircraft manufacturers, together with carrier companies, spare no effort and money to create maximum comfort for their passengers. Yet long flights are still tiresome and monotonous.

The German auto giant Mercedes and the leading national carrier Lufthansa have undertaken to revolutionize the design of the interiors of medium and long-haul airliners. They chose comfort and luxury as their main weapon against monotonous tiresome flights. Moreover, the luxury car manufacturer has a lot to offer.

First, the traditional division of the salon into a ceiling, walls and floor is eliminated. Now all these elements smoothly flow into each other, creating independent spaces that are radically different from what came before.

The cabin of the airliner looks more like an expensive bar. The interior features long sofas, separate, comfortable seating and reclining spaces.

Other features include electronic windows, which can change their transparency from normal to gray and impenetrably dark, depending on the brightness of sunlight. Designers from Mercedes suggest integrating displays and touch screens into the side panels.

The partners are going to present their new concept to the public in the coming months in order to determine how interesting it will be.