The new Russian exoskeleton will be lighter and more perfect than foreign counterparts

A team of roboticists of the Southwestern State University, headed by Andrei Yatsun, is working on its creation. The prototype will be fully ready in 2-3 months.

According to Andrei Yatsun, in the process of testing the exoskeleton is actively "mastering" the features of the human gait, for which complex mathematical modeling is involved. It is precisely its lack that leads to the fact that the current models of exoskeletons are very inconvenient and difficult to control. Scientists are developing a bioinspired intelligent control system that will help solve these problems.

It is assumed that the exoskeletons will be produced in two versions. The first is intended for rehabilitation centers, where disabled and elderly people can restore impaired motor functions. The preliminary cost is up to 700 thousand rubles. However, with the release of mass production, it can significantly decrease.

Another Russian project - ExoAtlet

The heavy version of the exoskeleton will be designed for the army, law enforcement agencies and the needs of industrial enterprises.