Flying motorcycle or "hoverbike" - a new class of tactical reconnaissance equipment

The US Department of Defense, together with the British company Malloy, is developing a new tactical reconnaissance vehicle - a hoverbike, somewhat reminiscent of its prototype from Star Wars.

The version already developed by Malloy is a construction of two small drones with a platform between them, which can be purchased through Kickstarter, where Malloy has managed to collect, thanks to sponsors, £ 64, 000.

The next step is to create a military version. Malloy is known as an aerospace company producing civilian and military drones. The hoverbike has all the properties of a helicopter. It differs from its “ancestor” in compactness, higher maneuverability and simple control.

The Hoverbike is the size of a small car weighing 272 kg and can reach speeds of about 150 km / h. It is too early to talk about the maximum flight altitude, since the new vehicle is being tested near the ground.