Personal helicopter Volocopter VC200 will become an alternative to flying cars

German inventors Thomas Senkel, Alexander Zosel and Stefan Wolf have created a prototype helicopter for personal use - the Volocopter VC200. It is possible that we are talking about the transport of the future.

Compared to many existing projects, the Volocopter is much simpler, safer and, just as important, more environmentally friendly. The first two prototypes, for two passengers, are equipped with a battery pack designed for a 20-30 minute flight.

One of its main features is 18 rotors with rotor propellers, which allows it to perform vertical takeoff and landing, like a helicopter and guarantee itself a safe flight even if some of the propellers fail.

The design of the rotorcraft turned out to be so unusual that the German authorities were forced to register the Volocopter VC200 as a new class of aircraft with a corresponding license to fly.

The creators of the Volocopter VC200 are close to the fact that as a result, a convenient and affordable vehicle will be created, capable of flying at an altitude of about 2 km with a carrying capacity of 450 kg. They have no doubts about success. Crowdfunding has brought developers over £ 1 million in three days.

Currently, test flights are carried out in Karlsruhe, including on a single 16-rotor manned model.