New Russian radar system will land the plane without dispatchers

It is believed that the landing of an aircraft is one of the most difficult and crucial stages of the flight, in which the controller must be involved. Any mistake he makes is fraught with grave consequences. Technological advances in recent years make it possible to completely exclude the human factor from this process.

Specialists of the Polyot plant in Chelyabinsk, which is a member of the United Instrument-Making Corporation, are close to completing the development of a precision approach radar system - RSP-2ST. The equipment is intended for servicing civil and experimental aircraft in the near zone of airfields. Its main feature is the ability to land without the participation of dispatchers.

The company's specialists are completing the creation of a prototype. It remains to finalize the documentation and software, after which tests of the RSP-2ST will begin at the beginning of next year.

Of the technical features, it should be noted that there are no rotating mechanical parts in the radar, which are replaced by a phased antenna array, as well as the separation of the receiving and transmitting parts.

The pilot receives data via a wireless channel in real time, which records all deviations from the established descent route. This completely eliminates the need for radio communication, and therefore the possibility of errors associated with the human factor.