Fallout fan builds Vault-Tec hideout in his own basement

While the bulk of the fans of the post-apocalyptic game Fallout languish in anticipation of the release of the fourth part, some of them begin to take action. So, a resident of Canada built his own Vault-Tec shelter. So far, the volt is represented only by the entrance group, made in the original style.

Here's what Canadian Trey Hill has to say about his creation:

“I usually tell everyone that I built it because I live in the north and it’s boring. But in fact, the reason lies elsewhere. I recently finished building my own house and my wife said that the basement is completely at my disposal, and I can do whatever I want there. I think she later regretted it. "

The shelter door, weighing about 50 kg, rolls back and closes with your hands. Trey's further plans include the arrangement of the inner space of the volt. At the moment, $ 400 has been spent on all materials and work.