A floating cycle path will be built on the Thames

Last year, several British media reported on an ambitious multi-billion dollar project to build a floating cycle path along the Thames waterfront in the heart of London. Now, to raise funds for the project, the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform was involved.

If successful, cycling and hiking enthusiasts will have a safe route through central London at a cost of £ 1.55 (about $ 2) per ride. The floating track will run close to and parallel to the coast, without creating problems for river vessels.

The pontoons connected to each other will serve as a support. They will be fixed on the water by special anchor blocks with loops, which will allow the entire structure to smoothly respond to the ebb and flow. The floating lane is designed for four bike lanes with an anti-slip surface that allows water to drain to the sides when it rains. Railings will protect cyclists from falling into the Thames.

To prevent cyclists and pedestrians from interfering with each other, the following sequence is envisaged: at the peak of cycling trips, the path will be open to cyclists, during the rest of the "off-peak" time they will give way to pedestrians. Weekends will definitely be pedestrian.

The floating walkway will be illuminated by renewable sources - wind, ebb, flow and solar panels. At the same time, a part of the received energy will be “stored” in storage batteries in case of its deficiency.