The Trikke Freedom three-wheeled electric scooter will fit into the tightest turns

Trikke has been making three-wheeled scooters for over 15 years. One of her latest projects is the Trikke Freedom electric scooter, designed for fans of maneuverable driving on city streets.

Unlike traditional scooters, which have a single support deck, Freedom has separate supports for each leg. Thanks to the tilting front rack, the scooter has received extraordinary maneuverability, excluding the contact of shoes with the roadway. For beginners who are unfamiliar with the peculiarities of such a ride, the company provides a training course.

The capabilities of the Trikke Freedom are multiplied by a 400-watt electric motor powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion battery and triggered after a sharp kick with the start of movement. The ignition is switched on with a removable key, and the engine is controlled by the throttle knob.

The speed of the electric scooter is up to 24 km / h, the power reserve to full discharge is 18 km. The Trikke Freedom will be available for about $ 999. One of the co-founders of the company, John Simpson, proudly says about the work done:

“With Freedom, we have made our dream of a game changer in the e-bike marketplace. Once again, we made sure that there is nothing comparable to Freedom. Three wheels provide unparalleled stability on asphalt and stability at all speeds. "