Electric 16-engine tiltrotor Joby will be able to fly at a speed of 322 km / h

Joby Aviation has developed the concept of a low-cost, two-seater, 16-engine electric convertiplane capable of speeds up to 322 km / h - the Joby S2.

The car looks like it was created specifically for James Bond. However, in fact, it is intended for travel, flights to work and air walks. The tiltrotor is equipped with 16 engines powered by economical lithium batteries with nickel, cobalt and magnesium oxide cells.

12 of the 16 engines are designed for vertical takeoff and landing, which allows the Joby S2 to operate on small, level surfaces. After takeoff and climb to the required altitude, the engines are transferred to a horizontal position, and the flight continues in the "airplane" mode. A similar technology was implemented when creating the NASA drone - GL-20.

The founder and head of Joby Aviation, JoBen Bevirt, spoke about the goals of creating Joby S2 in an interview:

"If we can build an airplane that is quiet, safe and efficient, then people will get a comfortable means of transportation 5 times faster than cars, which will fundamentally change our lives."