Astrakhan shipyard began assembling the hull of the newest river liner PV300VD

Domestic shipbuilding is on the rise. However, the construction of river passenger ships is still practically at "zero". The last ship was built in the USSR more than half a century ago. Russia is still content with river vessels of Soviet construction and produced in the former socialist countries - the GDR, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. The age of these "vessels" has long passed over 40, which does not contribute to the development of the tourism industry.

The first sign should be a modern cruise river liner, laid down at the shipyard of the shipyard "Lotos" (Astrakhan). The vessel has no name yet. In official documents, it is listed as "project PV300VD".

Construction is in its early stages - the preparatory phase has ended and the formation of the ship's hull has begun In this case, a modular scheme is used, when the vessel is assembled from ready-made sections. There will be 12 of them weighing in total over 300 tons. By the end of this month, the necessary metal rolling will be fully delivered to the enterprise.

The construction of the ship takes about 3 years. As a result, a handsome cruise liner, designed for 300 passengers, more than 140 meters long and about 18 meters wide, should get off the stocks. Its cost will be about 2.5 billion rubles. It is expected to pay off in about 20 years.