Volanti - hybrid fixed-wing vertical takeoff drone

At this year's Australian International Airshow, local company Carbonix unveiled their new Volanti drone. It is a hybrid of a traditional fixed-wing drone that takes off vertically like a quadcopter using four rotors. After gaining altitude, the drone goes into horizontal flight with thrust from a gasoline engine. There is also a launch option with a catapult.

Volanti's wingspan is 2.74 m, length is 1.95 m. The drone is stable in flight even in winds up to 60 km / h, weight without avionics is 4 kg. The control system, equipped with software, is completely autonomous. The remote operator from the ground is just in control, but there is a remote control option for the most “precise” missions.

The Volanti has a maximum airborne time of over two hours in copter mode and up to seven hours in airplane mode when the main propeller is powered by a gasoline engine.

The high price of Volanti - depending on the option, about $ 76, 000 - is explained by the proven reliability of all systems, endurance, durability, and high quality manual assembly. The drone will be able to perform the tasks of geodesy, cartography, geology, infrastructure monitoring, will find application in agriculture and when working in emergency zones.