The Hellboy Glove is a five-year project by Adam Savage

Adam Savage has become quite famous for his ability to make lines. And his participation in the TV show "Mythbusters" (Mythbusters) raised the talent of the inventor to a prominent place. Today we will tell you about one of Savage's projects, which he has been doing for 5 years - a fur glove from the movie Hellboy.

With the help of such a glove, the character Rasputin opened the portal for the birth of Hellboy. Unfortunately or fortunately, Savage failed to endow his replica with the same properties. However, all other parts are in place: liquid-filled compasses and instruments, tube transistors and other elements.

A replica of a fur glove consists of many parts, for each of which Savage spent a lot of energy. For example, to create one of the elements, he had to design a drilling machine of his own configuration.

Despite several years spent on the production of a unique replica, Savage believes that he has not finished the work yet. Plans are underway to add an Arduino-based microcontroller that will control the pulsed light and generate other visual effects.