A bored clerk built a multi-room igloo in his backyard

While the entire east coast of America was struggling with incessant snowfall, 27-year-old clerk John Lindsay from Pennsylvania decided to seize the moment and built an "elite" igloo out of snow right in his backyard.

“I did something like this before when I was little. But then there was not so much snow, - admits Linsday. “I scooped up a huge pile and then dug a tunnel inside. The snow has thickened enough in the sun and now holds the ceiling firmly. "

The entrance to the igloo is a sliding door made from a piece of plywood. Inside, the interior is decorated with wooden shelves, candles and books.

In total, the igloo turned out to be two rooms. One of them is for sports, where John brought old dumbbells from the garage. Another is equipped with a living room and has its own library and even a minibar.

The ceilings in the snowy dwelling are low, but the igloo can easily accommodate two or three people. True, guests will have to be in a reclining state.