A machine gun that shoots snowballs will help teach the neighborhood children a lesson

If you've ever received an unexpected blow from a snowball in the back from an enemy lurking in the snow, then there is only one way to end it. You have to fight the enemy with his own weapon, in which an automatic machine gun for shooting snowballs will help you. It will be enough to use it all once, and no one else will ever throw a snowball at you.

Developed by former NASA engineer Mark Robert, this formidable weapon throws snowballs at speeds of up to 25 per second. But that's not all! The machine gun supports an automatic ammunition loading system, thanks to which dozens or even hundreds of snowballs can be loaded into it. All that is needed to build it is a few pvc pipes and an air blower or blower of foliage.

If you build a snow machine gun, be sure to take precautions. After all, it is worth loading not snowballs into it, but ice balls, and the toy can turn into a real weapon.