Self-air-conditioned spacesuit to help weather global warming

Enthusiasts from the southern United States, hot, humid and swampy Louisiana, have developed a prototype for a versatile and cheap climate suit. The invention is as ingenious as it is controversial, but the main thing is that in terms of the total cost, such equipment is affordable even for a schoolchild. And since the global climate is changing uncontrollably, it is a sin to leave the idea of ​​gathering dust idle.

The sealed, lightweight spacesuit is equipped with fasteners for connecting a flexible pipe, through which air is supplied from a low-power compressor. It also removes the spent coolant, ensuring circulation. A compact household air conditioner cools the air before supplying, but if the ambient temperature is low, it can heat it up - at the user's choice.

For mobility, all equipment is mounted on the chassis of a garden cart, it is easy to transport it with the efforts of one person - the consumer himself. The supplied air can also be disinfected, driven through filters from gases, and dried. The latter quality turned out to be indispensable when testing the prototype in the supersaturated climate of Louisiana in a heat of 45 ° C.

The spacesuit, at the very least, allows you to protect a person from an aggressive environment and provide acceptable working conditions. For greater freedom of action, the length of the hose can be increased several times, and the equipment can be controlled remotely.