The world's largest Lego structure is a car advertisement

It seems that the world-famous Lego constructor is gradually turning from child's play into a tool for the implementation of ambitious completely "adult" projects. An example of this was the 42-meter model of the famous London Tower Bridge, which took several months and about 6 million Lego bricks to build.

The Lego Tower is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as it surpassed the previous record holder by almost 1.5 million bricks - the Lego X-wing. Moreover, he demonstrated enviable functionality at the same time: on his two lifting trusses 2 solid SUVs fit freely, and a car can pass through the opening between the supports.

The presentation of the next mega-project ended with the fact that the famous traveler and TV presenter Bear Grylls, accompanied by joyful shouts from the audience, went down to the bridge from a helicopter hovering over it to install the last brick.

Of course, the Lego Tower Bridge no longer falls into the category of a very large children's toy, if only because it occupies a large territory and cost a lot of efforts of dozens of people.