New UK 5-pound notes play vinyl sound

About a month ago, the Bank of England introduced an innovative type of banknote, the hallmark of which is amazing performance. They can be wrung out in the washing machine, dropped into snow and mud, bent and crumpled as much as you like. Users took this as a signal to action and began experimenting with money.

It quickly became clear that the polymer material is waterproof, practically does not get dirty and is very difficult to process in order to copy the drawing. Not to mention making counterfeit money with more or less similar properties. The edges of bills do not wear out like paper counterparts - but how strong are they really?

The most delusional, but fascinating idea turned out to be the use of banknotes as the pickup needle of a turntable. 5lb polymer money makes a disgusting sound, but they do it. The material of banknotes retains its shape long enough to be used in a non-standard technological process without visible consequences.

Videos posted on the Internet are a kind of unofficial award to the creators of new banknotes. And a challenge to creative DJs - who will be the first to play a song on vinyl with the British pound?