A lego replica of the world's tallest skyscraper built in Dubai

There seems to be an unspoken competition among Lego fans to create the largest object. One of the latest records belongs to the Lego replica of the Tower Bridge with a length of 42 meters. The list of record holders was continued by the 17-meter model of the famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai, installed in the local Legoland, which is due to open on October 31.

Its construction took 439, 000 "bricks" and 5, 000 hours were spent. The whole structure weighs about a ton. Thanks to LED lighting and fountains, the creators of the giant Lego tower managed to almost accurately reproduce the light show that visitors to the real Burj Khalifa see every day.

The tower can be seen near the Miniland theme park, which consists of four zones called Adventure, Kingdoms, Imagination and Factory. The entrance ticket to Legoland will cost $ 68.

Despite the impressive size of the Burj Khalifa replica, the 34-meter tower built by students from Delaware currently holds the absolute height record among lego buildings.