The world's smallest Game Boy - not everyone can play this game

Sprite_TM's artisans have long been obsessed with the idea of ​​constructing a miniature replica of Nintendo's legendary pocket game console. There were two main conditions - it should fit into the keychain format and at the same time be a fully functional gaming device.

It has been said - not done without difficulty. The thin body and symbolic size of the buttons were printed on a 3D printer, a super-small LED display was obtained somewhere, and an ESP32 microcontroller was used as the main board. The resulting gadget is physically extremely small to somehow interact with the classic Game Boy cartridges, so their software emulator was used.

Playing on a smaller copy of the Game Boy is very difficult - it is advisable to arm yourself with tweezers and a magnifying glass. However, the device supports all cult games and provides approximately the same gameplay as the original pocket toy of the last century. With a discount on size and the need to carefully control movements so as not to press multiple buttons with one finger at a time.