Automatically lacing sneakers with Lego

At one time, the creators of the acclaimed trilogy "Back to the Future" predicted the emergence by 2015 of many technical innovations, in particular, hoverboards and shoes with an automatic lacing system. It is worth paying tribute to their discernment - both are already reality today.

Industrial designer Vimal Patel has developed an automatic shoe lacing mechanism, some of the details of which are borrowed from the famous Lego constructor. In addition, the system includes a lithium-polymer battery, an electric motor, a receiver and a control panel.

Initially, Patel intended to place the lace-tightening device behind his heels. However, due to lack of space, the main mechanism had to be installed from the outer side.

The shoe itself was "replenished" with four Lego fittings mounted with a dremel and a hot glue gun. The result is a fairly solid structure, which, by the way, can be dismantled at any time.

Three laces are inserted into the corresponding holes. On the one hand, they are fixed by knots, and on the other, they are wound and fixed on a rod connected to an electric motor. To tighten the laces, you must turn on the power and activate the engine through the remote controller.

It is worth giving credit to the inventor: the mechanism works and the laces are tightened without traditional efforts. However, wearing shoes with such "bells and whistles" is unlikely to be comfortable.