Vaquform - the world's first digital benchtop heat press

A new product appeared on the Kickstarter platform - the world's first digital vacuum press Vaquform. It fits on a desktop and can be used in any modern engineering laboratory or design studio.

The purpose of Vaquform is to create complex 3D shapes from thermoplastic. This is how it goes. The vacuum module evacuates air from the space between the plastic sheet and the workpiece, creating a strong negative pressure of up to -85 kPa. The result is a highly accurate mold. By comparison, only high-powered industrial presses over $ 5, 000 can achieve the same level of detail.

Then the smart Vaquform electronics come into play, which precisely monitors the condition of the plastic by checking its internal database. It stores the profiles of almost all modern thermoplastics, which allows you to set the work program for the press and switch to another task. By the way, Vaquform is the only heat press today that allows this kind of multitasking.

This is how Vaquform works:

Vaquform is now preparing to go into production. The first supplies of the press will begin in late 2017, and the price for Kickstarter enthusiasts will be $ 539.