Swedish engineer Alex Borg tested the "flying carpet"

There was an armchair - there was a carpet, although both terms serve only to simplify the description. Over the past year from the first test flight, Mr. Borg radically changed his brainchild, first of all, abandoning gasoline engines in favor of electric ones. He enlarged and modified the design - now it is not a seat with motors, but a flying canvas to which the pilot's seat is suspended.

Metal tubes form a frame for four “petals” in the shape of a circle, each of which houses 19 Elite 5010 274 ​​kV electric motors with propellers. The source of energy for this breakthrough of engines are 80 Multistar 4S 5.2 Ah LiPo batteries, with a total weight of 35 kg. Their full supply is only enough for 12 minutes of flight, but for a solo pilot who is also a self-taught enthusiast, this is an excellent result.

Each "petal" with propellers forms a rigid structure, but they are flexibly fastened to each other and, in fact, copy the scheme of a quadrocopter. Dozens of strong Kevlar cables stretch down from the petals, on which the platform with the pilot's seat is suspended. In flight, the work of the mechanisms is synchronized and it seems that Alex is sitting on a solid "flying carpet" of propellers. However, in the event of an accident, the risk of damage to the flexible structure is minimal.

Alex Borg conducted all tests and unmanned launches last month, and in early July personally took a ride on his brainchild, dubbed chAIR. The test flight lasted only 8 minutes and gave him a lot of fun, and at the same time set the direction for further work - the noise from 76 motors is unbearably loud, it must be reduced. The engineer has already spent about $ 10, 000 on his "toy for adults", but a hobby is a hobby and he does not mind money.