Lego-style electric skateboard made from 3D printed parts

Once the British magician James Bruton wished for a skateboard that no one else has. He was inspired by the details of the children's construction set, but enlarged each brick fivefold, stylizing them to look like a classic LEGO from the 1980s. More than 600 parts were 3D printed using the Fusion 360 design system.

Each wheel is equipped with a personal bearing, so the central steel axle remains stationary and serves as a platform for two 11.5 Ah lithium-ion batteries. The power plant is a Turnigy Aerodrive brushless electric motor, which is covered with an authentic casing. Rear wheel drive, wireless joystick control.

Large parts of the skateboard are connected not only according to the principle of a constructor, but also glued for better strength. A steel support bar runs through the entire leg area, a pair of ordinary skate wheels are attached to it in front, and a pivot mechanism for push wheels is attached to it in the back. Everything else is 3D printed using plastic in three vibrant colors.

Test drives have shown that the project is extremely crude, although unambiguously viable. For example, turning the rear wheels is practically useless and it is better to only ride in a straight line. But James Bruton is delighted - after all, he gets a chance to further improve his brainchild, correcting his "childhood diseases".