Switzerland creates a concrete roof that generates energy from sunlight

Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have created an ultra-thin roof that is capable of generating electricity. It is distinguished by an unusual design - it is the strongest reinforced concrete structure that looks like reared foam waves. She is also incredibly beautiful.

The prototype of the roof is already ready, but in practice it will only be tested next year, when the experimental HiLo residential building is completed. The building has a height of 7.5 m and a total area of ​​160 sq. M. due to the highly curved shape. This is both a weather protection and a solar power plant - the entire outer surface of the roof is covered with photovoltaic panels.

The main achievement of the Swiss is the development of an algorithm for applying concrete to obtain an arbitrary curved, but balanced shape. The design is based on a system of steel cables with a precisely calculated tensile force, which are covered with polymer fabric. And already concrete is sprayed on it with a layer of 3 to 12 cm thick. The authors of the project say that they can build a roof of almost any shape using this technology.

Data on power generation capacity are not yet available, but calculations show that in good weather the building will generate more electricity than it consumes. And its roof turned out to be much cheaper than design counterparts, plus it is noticeably more beautiful than typical building structures. A project for those who dream of living comfortably and not overpaying for it.