Iron Man Richard Browning sets jet suit flight record

British inventor Richard Browning has updated the speed record for movement in a device in the form of a jet engine driven by the human body. Simply put - a suit with an integrated cruise engine on the back and maneuvering jet motors on the arms. In the press, he is known as "Iron Man", because of the unequivocal resemblance to a comic book hero.

Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records arrived at the lake in Laguna Park in Reading, in the UK. According to the conditions of the test, Browning had to overcome at least 100 m and develop at the same time a speed of more than 48 km / h before he collapsed into the water. The inventor succeeded only on the last, third attempt - he accelerated to 51.5 km / h.

The strangest thing about everything that happened was the formulation of the process. The name of the record category was clearly invented "on the fly" an hour before entering the Book and this column was empty until Browning made several successful flights. So Iron Man did not update, but set a record for the first time, but where does the speed limit come from?

Be that as it may, acceleration and flight in a suit with jet engines are now officially measured and entered in the rating databases. And Richard Browning himself showed a spectacular show that will surely inspire other self-taught masters. True, he still needs to work on landing on the water - a bright inflatable vest looks funny against the background of the hero's brutal equipment.