Folding house M.A.Di can survive an earthquake

Renato Vidal, an Italian architect, designed a cheap, simple and fast-built structure that can survive an earthquake. The description does not indicate the strength of the shocks, but this is not important - the point is that if the building collapses, it can be repaired or replaced with the same speed and cost that would be required to equip a conventional tent camp.

At the heart of the design of the M.A.Di house is a steel frame on which sheets of cross-laminated wood are fixed. The walls, floors, roof and floor are connected by hinges, they can be folded like an origami toy. In the transport state, the building has a height of 1.5 m, in the assembled state - up to 6.5 m. The base area and other dimensions vary at the request of the customer.

With the help of a truck and a mobile crane, the house can be brought and installed anywhere in a matter of hours. Neither a foundation nor a building permit is needed - in fact, it is a very large wooden tent or shed. Living conditions inside are Spartan, but such a roof over your head is better suited for a harsh climate than a fabric tent. The standard design has two levels and is designed for one small family, but the houses can be docked together to resemble a dormitory.

The cost of M.A.Di is about $ 25 thousand for the minimum option and $ 73 thousand for the maximum one. The authorities of a fictitious city in an earthquake-prone area can buy a batch of M.A.Di and store them folded in a warehouse in case of a cataclysm.