Scottish inventor has collected a huge jet flamethrower from improvised items

The first batch of highly publicized flamethrowers from Elon Musk sold out in record time, and many fans of adult toys complain that they got nothing. It doesn't matter - the desperate magician Jairas, the author of the YouTube channel "Jairus of All", offers a cheaper and much more effective option. His brainchild, without false modesty, is called the "fiery hurricane cannon."

The machine looks huge, but its design is extremely simple - Jairas has specially posted on his website a list of components, half of which are related to children's toys and home accessories. When the flamethrower is in operation, propane is fed from the back cylinders through the tubes to the nozzle, ignited and blown out by means of two high-speed fans.

Due to the use of fans, the flame swells very strongly, so the flamethrower does not give out a stream of fire, but a fiery whirlwind almost as thick as the shooter himself. And you can control this colossus with one hand, but about burning zombies - this is unlikely. Since it is not a fire mixture that is thrown out, then the range of defeat at the flamethrower is symbolic. It is best suited for a fire show, provided that the show really needs that kind of fire power.