The Spyra One submachine gun fires "water bullets" like an alien weapon

The summer of 2018 turned out to be extremely hot, so it's no wonder the startup Spyra One quickly gained popularity. A real gift for anyone who loves to play with water is a liquid clot submachine gun with a hi-tech sci-fi weapon interface. The Munich-based engineering and design team has made more than an adult toy.

Spyra One uses a digitally controlled electric pump to charge a water tank and fire it at targets. No gas cylinders, pneumatic mechanisms and unnecessary body movements, the automation does everything by itself until the batteries run out. It is rated for approximately 45 cycles or 1225 shots. On the side of the case, in the best traditions of space special forces, there is a display with data on the state of the batteries and the number of bullets in the "clip".

The “water bullets” that Spyra One fires are 30 ml portions of water that, when exiting the nozzle, expand into a 60 cm “impulse”. Such bullets fly farther and much more accurately than just jets of water, and the system always maintains a stable pressure at 2, 4 bar. Each shot, and there are 25 of them for each charge, is sent to the target in manual or automatic mode. The return is symbolic, but it is worth considering the weight of the product - 2, 3 kg with a full refueling.

The downside of the Spyra One is that it is a melee weapon, with an effective firing range of only 7-8 meters, but it is safe for people. You can replenish your water supply from any source by charging your weapon for 14 seconds, and there is a filter from silt and dirt in natural reservoirs. The cost of such a toy for adults will be 99 euros, it will go on sale next summer.