Hanging tent Bivymok can withstand a load weighing up to half a ton

The traditional "ground" tent has a serious drawback: internal comfort in it largely depends on how flat the place for installation the owner chooses. The uneven ground, combined with the cold ground, is almost certainly a guarantee of a nervous, sleepless night. In this regard, hanging tents that are attached to trees are becoming more and more popular.

An example of this is the Multimok - Bivymok hammock tent. With the help of a special pole and several hanging straps, it is attached to neighboring trees, providing its owner with maximum safety and comfort in the conditions of the hike, in particular, against insects and wild animals. The entrance to the tent is from the bottom through the opening opening.

The dimensions of Bivymok are 1, 2 x 2, 4 meters, which is enough to accommodate two people, who also have the possibility of a circular view of the surrounding space through a polyester mesh. The hammock tent can hold up to 450 kg thanks to another polyester mesh. It is also reliably protected from strong winds and precipitation.

Work on the development of Bivimok continues. Part of the funds for this is planned to be raised using the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. If successful, the product will go on sale this month for $ 199.