The largest city in the history of the game was built in Minecraft

Reddit user @NJDaeger posted the news about the next update of the virtual city "Greenfield", which has been building in Minecraft since 2011. Now it is comparable in size to the largest metropolitan areas of the Earth and much larger than all other settlements in the game.

The main feature of Greenfield is the desire of its builders to maintain a 1: 1 scale. That is, each virtual cube is an analogue of 1 cubic meter in reality, and the whole city is built taking into account these proportions. This means that it will not be possible to walk along a multi-kilometer avenue in a couple of minutes. Factories, bridges, skyscrapers - everything is huge, large-scale and detailed, and you can really get lost in the city park.

Greenfield is a very, very large and populous city. It was built up not with the aim of filling the space, but guided by the idea of ​​saturating the territory with as many unique objects as possible. There are overpasses and kiosks, repair shops and multi-level crossings over roads, cinemas, subways, railways and many different suburbs.

The construction of the city has not yet been officially completed; it will expand as long as its creators have new ideas. Already now you can walk on it for hours without seeing even a tenth part. Greenfield is not a commercial, but a folk project, it is full of "Easter eggs" and secrets that are not so easy to find.