Forrest Fenn's treasure finder revealed his identity under pressure from the court

The story of the legendary treasure hidden in the Rocky Mountains by the antiques dealer Forrest Fenn is close to ending. The treasure chest was found 25 years later, in July of this year, but who found it remained a mystery. Fenn himself managed to confirm the accuracy of the information before he died in September. And now the "lucky treasure hunter" is forced to flee from greedy competitors.

The name of the man who found the treasure based on clues from Fenn is Jack Steuf. He stated that he voluntarily revealed his identity, because otherwise the police would have done it, which promised him many problems. The New Mexico District Court ruled to establish the identity of who currently owns the treasure in order to satisfy the claim of another treasure hunter, Barbara Anderson. In the past she had searched unsuccessfully for Fenn's treasure, but as soon as word got through that it had been found by others, she immediately changed her tactics.

Forrest Fenn

Anderson claims that an unknown treasure hunter pursued her, hacked her email and eventually got to her laptop, from where he learned key information about the location of the cache. Believe it badly, because the woman herself was searching in Santa Fe, and Stuph eventually found the treasure in Wyoming. He says that he did exactly what Fenn asked for in his prompts and did not use any other information. Stuf denies any connection with the late Fenn and Andersen.

Now Stuf has moved into a fortified mansion with several levels of security, and hid the treasures, and will only get them when he finds a buyer for almost 10 kg of gold and jewelry. Stuf justifiably fears the greed and recklessness of other treasure hunters, offended that luck smiled not on them. As for Andreson's lawsuit, he is indignant - the court is forcing him to disclose personal information for the sake of some woman he has never seen. Therefore, he decided to play ahead of the curve and not wait for the police to knock on the door.