If you are able to solve this puzzle, you will surely survive in the Apocalypse.

Former SEAL Clint Emerson, author of 100 Deadly Habits, has released a new collection of brain training problems. It is called Deadly Skills and Puzzles and is designed to test observation skills and analyze information in a playful way. But this is not so much an entertainment edition as a survival tool.

The author recommends using his book for the treatment of military personnel with PTSD, veterans and people who are simply tired of reality. And at the same time all those who in real life faced a situation when they were powerless to solve an important problem. So that this feeling does not torment, it is possible and necessary to solve puzzles and restore self-confidence.

Interestingly, almost all tasks are based on real examples and can be indirectly useful when acting in extreme situations. Military, police, ambulance doctors, and all people who find themselves in difficult conditions. Let's give an example of one of them:

You need to put a set of tents between the fir trees, each next to a tree. Tents cannot be placed in adjacent cells, neither vertically, nor horizontally, nor diagonally. The numbers on the ends of the square show how many tents should be placed there. Can you suggest a placement scheme?

You can check the answer at this link.