Wealthy Californians hire private fire brigades

In mid-October, the state of California almost fell into chaos when the largest electricity supplier, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, cut off supplies everywhere. The management decided that it is better to leave millions of people without electricity than to face problems on the power lines again due to the catastrophic fires raging in California. The situation is so difficult that residents of the wealthiest state have started hiring private fire brigades to save their personal belongings.

According to several media reports, fire companies have already taken under protection the mansions of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and some Hollywood stars. Last year, many well-known media personalities, along with ordinary residents of the state, lost their homes and property in the fire. Today, the risks are again great, so firefighters are not only ready to repel the onset of fire, but are also engaged in arranging the protection of the territories of their clients.

Private firefighters have existed in the United States since the 80s, but their activities were previously situational in nature - such teams were assembled when municipal brigades did not cope. Now such a business can become at first seasonal, and then permanent. The California authorities have long recognized their powerlessness in the face of the elements - they only manage to protect the entire state from complete burnout, and individual villages and towns are massively suffering from fire.

One of the difficult questions is how will private and public firefighters interact? For example, who will dispose of water from a fire-fighting tank or will decide to launch a counter fire to protect a specific object? But be that as it may, the services of private firefighters are affordable only for wealthy residents, people of average income, as usually happens, are left to their own devices.