How to survive in an isolated space: instructions from astronauts

With the introduction of extremely strict quarantine in a number of countries, a difficult question arose before their citizens: how to maintain a good mood and sanity in general, sitting locked up for weeks? What to do when your own home, so comfortable initially, eventually turns into an analogue of a prison cell? Those who professionally survive for months in tight spaces - astronauts - shared their experience in this matter.

Observe mode and schedule

Astronaut Scott Kelly complained that most of all, on his return to Earth, suffered from the lack of a rigid regime of life. In space, you cannot relax and ignore even the simplest things, like brushing your teeth. Time is a resource that is limited, so you need to accustom yourself to stick to the schedule and then most of the time will be automatically busy with business, and you will have to forget about boredom.

Fight boredom

Peggy Whitson, who spent 665 days in space and commanded the ISS, advises to engage in intellectual activities. Write a book about yourself, your job, your life, your accomplishments and failures. No writing talent - just state the facts. If necessary, you can then hire an editor to help you put the text in order and publish the book. But even if you do not want it, the analysis of the committed actions and the experience gained will help to sort out many issues and problems.

Develop communication skills

Astronauts learn five important communication skills through the NASA program. These are communication, leadership skills, self-service, caring for the team and maintaining group contact. You can't get hung up on one thing, you need to constantly change roles, but not at random, but by agreeing with each other, putting forward ideas and discussing them, arguing and looking for compromises. You can not close and go away from contacts.

Remember your goal

The ISS is full of work and important assignments, but there are many things to do at home. From general cleaning to physical recovery. Watching all the TV shows, playing all the games, listening to all the musical hits that you missed last year is also a goal. COVID-19 and quarantine are not a punishment, but an opportunity to do something that previously did not have the time and energy.