Fifth person killed while trying to find the legendary Fenn's Treasure in the Rocky Mountains of the USA

The Administration of the National Dinosaur Monument, a conservation area on the border of Colorado and Utah (USA), announced the death of 58-year-old Michael Sexson. Together with a friend, they rented snowmobiles and climbed far into the Rocky Mountains, where Michael was stuck in the snow and died of his injuries. Thus, Sexson became the fifth victim of the legendary "Fenn's Treasure", as his surviving friend confirmed that they were sent in search of this famous treasure.

Forrest Fenn himself does not comment on the incident and adheres to an unchanged position. The treasure hidden by him is real, all the tips for finding it have long been published on the Internet, and the fact that many people climb into dangerous places with the risk of death is their personal problem. In December last year, a lawsuit was filed against Fenn, demanding either to reveal the location of the treasure, or to admit it was all fiction. At the same time, the plaintiffs relied on the fact that US law prohibits leaving garbage and various objects in the Rocky Mountains, so it is illegal to find a treasure chest there.

Treasure seekers are unlikely to be able to achieve anything from Fenn himself, he is already 89 years old and although he has successfully recovered from cancer, his health leaves much to be desired. Of course, there is a possibility that on his deathbed he will still reveal his secret, but it is vanishingly small. Forrest Fenn hid a treasure chest worth about $ 2 million in the Rocky Mountains when he was 80 years old, sane, hoping to start an interesting legend. Instead, he launched a chain of gloomy events, among which the death of the fifth treasure hunter looks like a routine matter. The troubles he got is more than enough to make the final decision to take his secret to the grave.

Forrest Fenn's Treasure Map