Disney animators create a new cartoon from the comfort of their home

Disney animator Hiram Osmond and actor Josh Gad have teamed up to create a new series of short films on YouTube. "At Home with Olaf" is a collection of comic plots about Gad's favorite character from the cartoon "Frozen".

The first episode is written by Gad, who voiced the restless snowman in both films, and animated by Osmond. Actions take place in the vicinity of Arendelle. The plot is pretty simple: Olaf throws snowballs into the depths of the forest in Arendelle and accidentally launches the head of a baby snowman into the air. Realizing what happened, he begins to worry, but the baby snowman returns and life goes on!

The spectacle is not very dynamic and exciting, but very charming. Even considering that Osmond worked with pre-existing character and background models, the fact that the 50 second walk through the woods with Olaf was done at home is an achievement in itself! This is not the first project Gad has undertaken since he was stuck in self-isolation at home. For example, an actor reads books to children around the world via Twitter and Instagram. And, of course, he's not averse to lending his voice to Olaf for a few onscreen minutes that could make someone's day better.