David Blaine prepares to fly over the Hudson River in balloons

World famous illusionist David Blaine is about to make a unique journey. He plans to fly across the Hudson River on August 31, holding a bunch of balloons. Moreover, they will be filled with helium.

Similar experiments have already taken place in the past. But as an aircraft, special balloons of increased volume were used, and not ordinary balloons. The theoretical calculation of the required amount of helium yielded interesting results.

Blaine weighs about 80 kg. In order to simply rise into the air, he will need to hold in his hands a bunch of 6500 standard helium balloons. Thus, about 74, 000 liters of helium are needed. This volume of gas is equal to the volume of a large room.

But these facts do not frighten the brave conqueror of the air. In order to hold such an impressive bundle of helium balloons in our hands, a special grid system has already been developed. If all goes well, the flight of a person over such a long distance on small balloons will be the first in history.