Amazon couriers hang phones on trees to get more orders

Contract drivers who deliver Amazon packages across the United States have come up with a new way to get more orders: they hang their phones on trees to do this.

Like Uber, Amazon Flex allows car owners to deliver goods in their own vehicles. Amazon's dispatch system determines which drivers are closest to the pickup point and sends notifications to their owners' phones. Against the backdrop of viral self-isolation, the competition for such orders is very fierce and the parcels are dismantled very quickly. Therefore, the advantage goes to drivers who can instantly answer the call or are closer than others to the point of receiving the cargo.

And here telephones in trees appear on the scene. Drivers hang smartphones near popular food delivery stores and Amazon dispensers. Then they sync their own device with these phones and wait for the order. Amazon's dispatch system detects that the “phones in the trees” are very close to the pickup point and sends notifications to them. This allows enterprising drivers to take such an order ahead of competitors.

This is not the first time that car drivers have found a way around Amazon's shipping regulations. An email leaked to Bloomberg says Amazon intends to investigate the scheme but will not share the findings with drivers.