How to easily turn an Xbox One controller into an airplane steering wheel

Fans of Microsoft Flight Simulator have repeatedly complained that the typical Xbox One controller prevents them from really getting used to the role of a pilot. To immerse yourself in the gameplay, you need a full-fledged joystick that simulates an airplane steering wheel, but all the available models are not so easy to get. Blogger and 3D printing specialist Akaki Kuumeri suggested an alternative budget option.

Kuumeri has designed and 3D printed a number of parts that, when assembled, become a mount on an Xbox One controller. Added to these are a printed joystick handle and foot pedal through a simple hinge system to attach to the controller buttons. Joystick movements are now automatically transferred to the gamepad and turned into commands for the game.

The main advantage of the novelty is that it is available to everyone, the technology, with access to a 3D printer, allows you to print as many such joysticks for about $ 10. The drawings are available for free on Thingiverse, but the author clarifies that in their current form, they are suitable only for the Xbox One model. Joystick versions for Xbox 360 or PS4 controller will appear later, plus enthusiasts can try to make analogs on their own.