Play-Doh's adult plasticine smells nostalgically like mom's jeans and cut grass

The world leader in the production of toys, Hasbro has released a series of popular Play-Doh modeling clay, aimed exclusively at adults. Its difference is a whole cocktail of "nostalgic aromas from childhood." Plasticine for adults is sold in packs of six containers, each with its own color and smell.

Overly Expensive Latte smells like coffee, Mommy's Jeans smells of freshly washed denim, King of Kebabs smells like charcoal grilled meat, Daddy's Sneakers smells like rubber, Bath Day smells like flowers, and Lord of the Lawns smells like freshly cut grass. It is difficult to say who can be pleased with the smell of daddy's sneakers, but the whole set can be a good playful gift.

Be that as it may, the entire initial volume of Play-Doh has already been sold out on Amazon, the pre-order price was from $ 10.99. By the way, the scent of the classic children's Play-Doh plasticine is so popular that it is even sold as a cologne from the perfume studio Demeter.