Envo kit turns any bike into an electric snow scooter

There are already kits on the market to convert regular bikes into e-bikes and pedal snow scooters. The Electric SnowBike Kit goes a step further and offers to combine these two maneuvers. The kit is produced by the Canadian company Envo and is designed for use with conventional mountain bikes.

The main element of the Electric SnowBike Kit is a miniature track that replaces the rear wheel of the bike. It uses a Kevlar-rubber track that is powered by a 1200-watt motor at the top. At the bottom, it passes through a series of polyethylene rollers. The bike's chain transfers power from the rider's legs to a chainring on the side of the motor, while a 48V / 17.5Ah lithium-ion battery powers the system.

A sensor installed on the connecting rod detects when the cyclist pedals and instructs the motor to connect to the process. If desired, the motor can be turned on without pedal traction - for this, a simple switch is mounted on the steering wheel. There is also an LCD panel that displays the selected driving mode, current speed and battery charge.

If the cyclist plans to ride in sufficiently dense snow, he can leave the front wheel of the bike in place. For deeper and looser snow, an adapter is provided that allows you to replace the wheel with a mini-ski, which can be purchased as an option.

The entire set as a whole allows the scooter to reach speeds of up to 18 km / h and provides a range of up to 10 km on a single charge. The battery is fully charged in 8 hours. It should be noted that to install the kit, you will need to adjust the bicycle chain and remove the rear derailleur - there is nothing complicated about this, but not everyone can do it himself (more precisely, put all this in place later).

The Electric SnowBike Kit costs a venerable $ 2, 150, but does not include a battery, which will cost another $ 670.