US Army Tests Mine Destruction Lasers

US Army and Air Force specialists are developing laser weapons to destroy unexploded ordnance. It is intended to replace sappers, who, despite the modern means of protection, constantly risk their lives when clearing mines.

The laser will be installed on a special armored vehicle. The whole system is called RADBO. Its main purpose is the destruction of unexploded ordnance on the runways of airfields. The range of the laser is up to 300 meters. In addition, RADBO is equipped with a special manipulator with a "claw" for clearing debris with a carrying capacity of over 22 kg.

The vehicle is equipped with infrared cameras for detecting unexploded ordnance and two generators that provide the equipment with the necessary energy. Marshall Doc Dutton, Air Force Modernization Program Manager, explosive ordnance disposal specialist, commented on the test:

“There can be thousands of unexploded ordnance on the runways of airfields that have been attacked or abandoned by the enemy. RADBO will allow us to reduce the time to clear them in a matter of hours and re-launch the runway. ”